Deployed United States Service Member’s Care Package Request
Military members and their families are the heroes, so thank you for all your do for our country.  We welcome all branches of the United States military that are DEPLOYED overseas to submit a care package request.  Whether you are a service member or family member and would like to submit a name or command to receive a care package, please complete request at the link below.
Deployed Service Member’s Care Package Request

Care Assistance Applications

In keeping with the mission of Thanks To Yanks, those veterans, military members and their immediate family may request assistance in times of need. While we would like to help everyone who seeks assistance, we have limited funding. In reviewing requests, please be advised that first priority is given to those currently living in New England; if funds allow we will consider requests from outside of New England.

We will not consider:

  • Those with dishonorable discharges
  • ROTC students
  • National Guardsman that have not been federalized, deployed or activated
  • Reservists who have not been activated or are not currently active
  • Service member who has not completed basic training or assignment due to his/her own behavior (this does not include someone who was discharged due to injury during training)
  • Individuals who do not have a plan to prevent continuation or reoccurrence of the problem/issue
  • Anyone who does not complete an application, and does not supply supporting documentation of status or need

If, you believe you may qualify for assistance please email to request an application. Please be aware that no request will be reviewed without a completed application. Review of completed applications may take up to six weeks to review.

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