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If you know of or are a military member, veteran or immediate family member of a military member or veteran and are in need of assistance (financial or material resources), please complete and submit this form. All requests will be vetted and responded to.

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• Copies of bills (if applicable) (combined into one file)
• Letter from Veteran’s Service Agent, Commanding Officer or other official representative who can verify status/need

You will be contacted within one week to confirm receipt of the request.

All requests are carefully vetted before a decision is reached however this may take several weeks. If this is a time sensitive/emergency request we may not be able to meet your needs. While we make every attempt to provide assistance to applicants, we cannot guarantee your request will be granted. However, there are often other opportunities and types of assistance that might be available and we are committed to working with you to explore those. If assistance is provided, please be aware, Thanks To Yanks will pay a bill or send a gift card, but will not send money directly to the applicant.

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